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The professionals at the Luzimen Group specialize in structuring difficult funding requirements and providing assistance in re-structuring and negotiating commercial and business debt and other obligations. Based on years of experience, the professionals at The Luzimen Group can act as professional intermediaries for your business in the preparation, representation and structuring of the following:


Debt Obligations that are maturing

Real Estate Foreclosures

Re-structuring debt outside of bankruptcy

Negotiation in adversarial situations

Funding for Accounts Receivable

Guaranty of Financial Capability (P O’s)

8-A Partnering

Hub Zone Partnering

New Markets Tax Credits

Debt Obligations that are past due

Commercial Business debt

Re-structuring of Leases

Securing new financing

Credit Guarantees or Commitments

Due Diligence in Acquisitions

Tribal 8-A Partnering

Financial Pro Forma review and feasibility

Reciprocal Trade Exchanges

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